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Why Its Best to Have a .COM Domain

With so much personalization available on the internet, it comes as no surprise when clients inevitably want to have some type of vanity domain name extension. While .com’s are obviously most prevalent, there are a number of options available for those looking to add some unique flare to their site. Endings like .net or .org are also somewhat common, with the latter being exclusive to those sites with an organization specification, that isn’t available to all. But also extensions like .md for doctors, .nyc for companies based in NYC, or .LA for companies based in Los Angeles, have become a lot more popular. Despite the fresh, unique look most companies like Caymana Consulting recommend their clients go with a conventional .com extension, and there are a number of reasons why.

Not only is .com simply the most common, but according to experts at companies like Caymana Consulting they are also the most easily marketing, and users tend to assume everyone has a .com. The .org extension is valuable for those businesses with some non-profit or charity status and while some businesses have been able to manage to have success with this ending, it does require some extra work. Marketing experts at Caymana Consulting feel that the extra work required to marketing a .org extension simply isn’t worth it, as it would require you to brand the businesses name with the .org extension as well, since most users assume every site is usually a .com. Also, for some uninformed users, a .org will always seem “lesser” and not able to compete with a .com. The same unfortunately goes with a .net ending, it will always seem that the site is in some way worse than a .com, and for that reason alone .com should be your choice.

One of the biggest reasons for choosing a .com ending over anything else is the marketing implications, as sites with .com endings tend to rank better. At Caymana Consulting they believe that using a .com ending is simply more pleasing to Google and their algorithms, meaning more of an effect on keywords and SEO. Despite this preference of .com, Caymana Consulting does feel that with time they will be able to rank .NYC or .LA extensions as well as .com’s. Therefore, it is entirely up to the client to decide whether the added uniqueness or personalization, is worth the added effort and the extra time it would likely take. For more information on domains and digital marketing solutions contact Caymana Consulting.

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