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Caymana Consulting Caymana Consulting provides broad range IT consulting, management and development for large and small businesses including website development, Search engine marketing, dedicated and semi dedicated web hosting, Iphone and Android mobile application development and CRM implementation. We are made up of senior IT
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Caymana Consulting
Caymana Consulting provides broad range IT consulting, management and development for large and small businesses including website development, Search engine marketing, dedicated and semi dedicated web hosting, Iphone and Android mobile application development and CRM implementation. Caymana Consulting is the best SEO & Internet Marketing Company that I have ever worked with. I am very pleased with the results that I am getting. Thank you for providing exceptional service. I recommend calling Caymana Consulting if you want to get REAL results! Good company..our android and iphone apps were buildt out well. Light and fast and in full detail. Great work flow and planning. Thumbs up from The Parker Company Great website designers, very thorough, helpful and detail oriented designers. They were able to understand my needs and gave me a website that I am more than satisfied with. Our new website is terrific! Working with Caymana and their team has been a true pleasure They exceeded our expectations. Thanks again guys ( Caymana ) for all your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends! They treat every idea as if it was meant for their own business, spending the time to understand what exactly it is that I want as a client.!
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Video Marketing

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At Caymana Consulting, we strive to provide our clients with full-service, end-to-end marketing solutions that use the newest, and most innovative digital tools and trends! This multifaceted, high-tech approach to digital marketing, allows us to familiarize prospective customers with you, and your products & services quicker and more efficiently than ever before!

In today’s fast paced world, marketers and business owners, must adapt to service a new brand of consumer. These consumers expect everything ON DEMAND. The days of print media are gone, and video has taken over as our main platform for pretty much everything! Short, direct, focused video clips now dominate the world’s media, and are one of the best arenas to make valuable, lasting impressions and strong connections with consumers!

Modern Takes on A Conventional Medium!
The idea of Video Marketing isn’t a new one. Commercials have long since been a multibillion dollar aspect of the marketing industry, and a preferred method for big corporations.
However, in today’s social media, and internet age, corporations and small businesses alike can forgo the million-dollar Super Bowl ads for a small scale YouTube clip!

With the proper use of modern technology, companies can spend next to nothing on production, and end up with a product worth millions!

At Caymana Consulting, our marketing specialists work closely with clients to devise unique, custom tailored video clips, that truly communicate the message of your organization. No matter what type of video you have in mind, our staff has both the technical knowledge and the creative ability to produce a video that represents you and your brand the RIGHT way!

  • Educational Videos Educate your consumers about specific services, or practice your organization offers.
  • Infomercials Formal informational videos, detailing the ins and outs of your organization and its work.
  • Video Tours – Provide clients with a High Definition tour of your office or facility.
  • Traditional Commercial – Let us produce a professional commercial, advertising you or your organization, for a fraction of the cost of traditional tv ads, with the same quality!
  • Company Practices – Showcase your organization or company in action, providing a service or performing a treatment.
  • And More!

The team at Caymana Consulting is a unique group that comes from different professional backgrounds. Our unique pedigree allows us to ensure our Video Marketing holds the highest standard across the industry, and we provide our clients every tool available to create a marketing piece that turns Viewers into Customers, and Customers into longtime Supporters!

Each of our Video Marketing pieces comes with:

  • An inventive narrative that showcases the Value you provide for a prospective customer.
  • A unique, customized script that is both focused & concise. Concentrated on sparking the consumer’s interest and educating them, within the first 10-20 seconds of view time.

  • High Definition video, and professional sound.
  • Clear On-Screen Calls to Action, throughout the video.
  • Fully Optimized and Search Engine Friendly
  • Seamless Web and Social Media Integration, across ALL platforms.

Video Marketing for SEO
At Caymana Consulting, we know the search engine! With Google dominating nearly 85% of all households around the world we ensure all of our websites, and marketing materials are completely optimized and fit seamlessly with Google’s every-changing algorithms.

Using a combination of high-quality content, and proprietary tech, we are able use Video Marketing as a powerful means of maximizing SEO (search engine optimization), getting you more visibility, and more potential customers!

Besides our proprietary software, and code, we employ methods such as:

  • Quality, keyword-driven video descriptions.
  • Internal video hosting, and embedding.
  • Strategic Tagging and Hashtagging.
  • Video-Sitemap Integration
  • And More!

For more information on Video Marketing and how Caymana COnsuting can help you integrate video into your full circle marketing plan, contact us today.
Depending on what your specific goals might be, we will create a professional style video complete with written titles, on-screen calls to action, contact information

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