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Caymana Consulting - 4 Key Marketing Strategies for Software Engineering Companies in 2018 | Digital Marketing Solutions
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4 Key Marketing Strategies for Software Engineering Companies in 2018

In 2018 the marketing landscape is vastly different than it has ever been in years past, no matter what industry you might be in. However, no industry has seen the type of evolution that software engineering has and the methods by which these companies marketing themselves has drastically changed. With marketing itself moving further and further into the digital world, and increased competition within the B2B software engineering sector, companies are constantly seeking a competitive advantage over the field. This is where a company like Caymana Consulting comes in. Caymana Consulting is one of NYC’s premiere digital marketing agencies – employing some of the most modern and tactful digital solutions available today, in an effort to grow their clients’ businesses. And they can be especially beneficial to those within the software engineering arena, as Caymana offers a number of different software engineering services themselves and know what it takes to succeed in such an industry.

Within any technology industry, like software engineering, that is reliant on other businesses, it is crucial to increase their sales funnels. And in order to do so, it is important for them to employ marketing strategies and tactics that target the decision makers within organizations that may need their services. Those in middle management and above, chiefly. According to the team at Caymana Consulting, this is important because these are the individuals who hold the keys within their hands, and by creating marketing that reaches them organically rather than having it reach the lower rungs of the company first, ensures that your message isn’t left up to the interpretation of someone who doesn’t understand the organization needs from an executive point of view. The best strategies when marketing for a company involved in software engineering is for the organization to show these decision makers that they have understand the demands of the industry and can offer them solutions (unlike any solutions offered by the competition), that can increase their ROI’s and grow their business. This is how a company like Caymana Consulting can offer such strong assistance, as their experience in the field of software engineering gives them an intimate knowledge of first-hand issues and their solutions. Here are 4 key marketing strategies every software engineering company should utilize.

· Strong Video Content

According to Caymana Consulting video is by far one of the most effective marketing tools available, across any industry. But when it comes to something like software engineering and other tech fields, a 1-3-minute video can truly set your company apart. While most companies are peddling data sheets and long, drawn out informational manuals, which few have the time to read – a fun, engaging, well-produced video, about a specific problem that your company can offer a solution for can entice viewers to want to learn more about your company. Plus it simply shows that you care about your company’s appearance and the content you put out.

· Quality Personalized Content Using Modern Mediums

This is more of a broad strategy, as it can include anything from your website to brochures, and social media pages. However, as a software engineering organization it can pay off to use your skills within your advertising mediums. Doing things like putting out quality written content, brilliant applets, info graphics, and unique sign-up pages can show users your skills on display, while catering to the different personalities of those in charge of making buying decisions for their respective organizations.

· Influencer Marketing

When it comes to a field like software engineering, many of those in places of power look to other individuals with power and thus influence. As a result having an endorsement or getting a nod, from individuals who are respected throughout the industry can be a huge advantage. First identify what your buyer’s needs are, and tailor solutions for each level of buyer (ie. One for Sales Departments, one for the Executives, and one for the IT branch). Once you do this determine industry influencers who your buyer respects, include blogs, magazines, and individuals who can help. Seek them out for their services, and truly sell them on your product(s). Selling to one influential person can often result into thousands or even millions of sales, depending on their following and their credibility.

· Hold Events

In the tech space, events are a crucial aspect of doing business. Whether they are live and in-person or they are held over a Google Hangout, like certain webinars – an event can give you the perfect medium to discuss the value behind your products and services, with less pressure. Create an atmosphere in which the buyer doesn’t feel that they MUST buy something and give as much as you can for free. This will create an idea within the consumer that they might owe you something and exhibit you in a more favorable light.

In this day and age, there are countless tools at your disposal. The trick is to know how and most importantly when to make use of such tools. With a company like Caymana Consulting on your side, you will have the knowledge of what strategies to employ and when. Whether you are in B2B software engineering or another tech field, let Caymana Consulting help mold your marketing plans

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