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E-Mail Marketing

At Caymana Consulting, our goal is to provide our clients with the newest, and most effective end-to-end marketing solutions, helping to bridge the gap between you and your target consumer.

Our customized marketing engine is tailored specifically to you and your organizational needs. By employing these unique methods, we are able to educate the consumer on your company’s products and services; converting soft leads into hard sales and repeat business!

What Is Email Marketing?
One of our most tried and true methods we offer is Email Marketing. Despite being one of the more conventional avenues of digital marketing, it is still the most direct and effective means of connecting with your consumers.
Email marketing provides you with a direct, but un-abrasive, line of communication with prospective clients.
At Caymana Consulting our email marketing strategies help you nurture leads, turning prospects into purchasers, and first-time buyers, into LOYAL, LIFE-LONG, customers!

Why Email Marketing?
At Caymana Consulting we provide clients with full-scale marketing solutions, that cover each and every aspect of consumer relations. Despite our unmatched, IT infrastructure, unique social media strategies, and our one of a kind search engine results; email remains one of the most effective methods of fostering sales and growing ANY business! Some of the main reasons are:

  • Email is the #1 Channel of Communication – WORLDWIDE!
    Over 90% of consumers check their email on a daily basis!
  • High Conversion Rates!
    Research indicates that email marketing offers the highest ROI (return on investment) of any digital marketing
    platform, at close to 4000%!
  • Make QUALITY Sales!
    A similar survey showed that those consumers, who bought products marketed through email, spent 150% MORE on average than those marketed through other means!
  • More Control!
    Your email list is all yours! You control who receives what offers, and when they receive them! Allows you to target consumers based on the most specific criteria, such as: age, sex, background, education, and MORE!

How It Works
At Caymana Consulting we help our clients execute an effective email marketing campaign, from top to bottom! This includes everything from WHO TO EMAIL? and WHAT TO EMAIL?
Our innovate Email Marketing campaigns are simple, effective, and translate well to any industry or business. We stand by our methods 100% and have the results to back them up!

  • Creating & Growing Your Email List
    An email list is the most important part of any successful email marketing campaign. It is a list of Prospects and their email addresses.

  • Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of any good mailing list.
  • Learn how to grow your mailing list organically, with REAL Prospects & ACTUAL Opt-Ins!
  • Get individuals to Subscribe to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!
  • Custom Email Blasts & Newsletters
    We create vibrant, beautiful, eye-catching flyers and infographics; giving your Email Blasts a leg up on the competition!

  • Include Specials, Offers, Exclusive Deals, and MORE!
  • Innovative Links, Landing Pages, Calls to Action, turning your soft leads into hard sales!
  • Personalize your Emails, and Email List Segmentation!
  • Learn the RIGHT way to send an Email Blast or Newsletter!
  • Avoid Spam Filters!
  • Improve Your Open Rates!
  • Amazing Content and Stand-Out Subject Lines!
  • Website Integration
    We can help you create a complete Sales Funnel, combining your Emails with your Website, and Social Media!

  • The RIGHT way to gain subscribers from Popups, Contact Forms, and Subscription Boxes!
  • For more information on our Marketing Solutions and how we can help grow your business, contact Caymana Consulting now!
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