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Caymana Consulting - 7 Tips to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business | Digital Web Marketing Solutions | Digital Marketing Solutions
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7 Tips to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

We are in the midst of what will one day be called the “social media era”. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not only some of the best, and most widely used social sites to stay connected with friends, but also some of the cheapest and most popular ways to market your business. At a company like Caymana Consulting, they have mastered the intricacies of social media and found ways to implement multiple platforms into a marketing campaign of any size, cheaper and more effectively than ever before. With a multitude of new platforms springing up every day, however, it can be a daunting task for any business owner to figure out what to use and how to use it. With the help of an agency like Caymana Consulting you will be able to utilize each social platform, and understand in which strengths will help in certain situations. But with so much value put into the “big three” social sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, businesses often forget that there are so many more platforms one can utilize and some platforms that may not seem to have much benefit, may, in fact, be most valuable. One such platform is LinkedIn. While most people look at LinkedIn as simply a tool for personal career development and almost a glorified, online CV – LinkedIn actually offers much more in the way of marketing your business. At Caymana Consulting their team has taken an in-depth look at all that LinkedIn has to offer and identified a number of key aspects many seem to ignore. These specifically identified tips can be the difference in your business and help you in creating a strong, valuable business network.

· Create a Custom Profile Badge

One of the most effective methods the team at Caymana Consulting has identified to help promote and market your business is to add a personalized profile badge to your website that can link to your company’s public LinkedIn profile. They offer several badges that can match your site’s theme, and this can help users connect with your organization on a whole new level.

· Use SEO to Optimize Your Profile

A LinkedIn profile, like any other page, can be optimized to get more traffic. At Caymana Consulting we are able to use specific keywords, ineffective placements to optimize any profile. The best places to add keywords to your company’s profile is in the headline and throughout your summary.

· Endorsements

Profiles are able to list skills and specialties. The best way to maximize these lists is to have other profiles endorse them, an often-ignored function of LinkedIn.

· Make Sure Your Profile is Open

On LinkedIn profiles can be public or private. At Caymana Consulting we make sure our clients use premium profile accounts allowing the ability to message any member regardless of their connection or status. Having both an Open and Premium profile ensures you can connect with anyone, and vice versa – often people you might not be able to reach otherwise.

· Create Groups

At Caymana Consulting a favorite function is by far the group creation. By creating a group, and becoming the admin of the group, you are able to email each member who joins. Providing them with announcements and updates whenever you’d like. A perfect way to reach a number of people for mass marketing and other announcements.

· Showcase Your Company’s Page

LinkedIn allows you to create a Showcase page, that features your company’s products, and services at a quick glance for everyone to see. Caymana Consulting often creates multiple showcase pages to attract to different segments of an audience. Make sure to use quality layouts, and vibrant text and banner images for maximum reach and engagement.

· Built-In Analytics

LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score provides you up-to-date analytics for your page, engagement, and reach – ensuring you are doing well, and know where to improve.

For more information on using LinkedIn and other social media platforms to help grow your business contact Caymana Consulting today.

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